Short term course for videoconference technology for academy

Submitted by anil on Sun, 09/13/2020 - 06:35

As a need of market in changed Covid 19 situation, there is big demand on training provided videoconference technology.
I suggest the following,

Course Title: videoconference technology for university and institutes
Type: Short term course
Duration: to be defined 
Content distribution: 30% theory, 50% practical, 20% practice
Training method: Online sessions, off line sessions
Platform: Jitsi (Open source)
Languages: Java, Kotlin, Lua
Network: Intranet and internet
Course contents:
Programming languages:
1) Java- Introduction, Role in videoconferencing, Code Library 
2) Kotlin- Introduction, Role in videoconferencing programming Libraries
3) Lua- Introduction, Role in videoconferencing programming Libraries

XMPP protocol and client library
Videoconferencing Protocol

Jitsi Server management 
Videoconferencing device hardware introduction and applications

Jitsi Client management
Classrooms, sessions, 
User registration and management

Infrastructure and equipment required:
Local server, Hosted server on Internet
Video conferencing equipment, 
Networking equipment and internet

This is first draft to begin with and need to take further level with everyones contribution. This community is requested to support for building and deliver the course contents. All the suggestions and comments are welcome.