Jitsindia APCOER Meet

Videoconferencing – new way of social connect

ANANTRAO PAWAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH (APCOER) Pune, promotes free and open source technology 'Jitsi' in India to facilitate creation of many videoconferencing service providers in India to meet needs at village, town, city, district, region, state, nation, global level meetings for anyone.

Videoconferencing – new way of social connect

  • Post Covid19 era begins with need for social distancing as key parameter for social connect
  • Best recommended way of social connect for work and meeting is over network, meeting from home, unless unavoidable
  • Videoconferencing over internet needs to be available for both local and long distance meetings
  • Videoconferencing requires a connecting service centre like zoom or google duo
  • The technology for building such connecting centre is also available as free and open source software by jitsi.org

Jitsindia APCOER Meet Videoconferencing services

Key features

  • Ease of creating meeting room and registration of users
  • Ease of joining and authorization
  • Security to stop unauthorized access to meeting
  • Ability to control camera and microphone by users / moderator or host
  • Facility to record the proceedings of meeting
  • Facility to see all or selected participants video
  • Facility to select camera, background video, background image, photograph
  • Good signal for audio / video
  • Adaptable to bandwidth
  • Facility to host multiple meetings by multiple hosts on same server
  • Facility to register users and hosts
  • Facility to schedule meetings
  • Facility for pre registration
  • Facility to create sub-meetings within meetings for specified duration
  • Facility to chat
  • Facility to raise hand, clap, appreciate, like etc type of response signals
  • Facility to raise and answer questions while meeting in progress
  • Facility to prepare minutes of meeting as record and maintain in data base
  • Facility to prepare agenda